A Non-Event: Me Love You Long Time

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Dear, I hope you like this picture I snapped of a sculpture I came across in Hanoi recently.

It reminded me of us.

Dear, I thought of getting you a large diamond but then you wouldn’t want me to be financing some two-bit dictator in Sierra Leone or Liberia right?

I would have gotten you chocolates but I’m sure you don’t want me to be part of the child labor racket in some banana republic, right? (The International Institute of  Tropical Agriculture reported that over 100,000 child laborers worked in hazarous conditions in cocoa farms.)

I would have gotten you roses but the DDT they used could have killed you. Now I certainly don’t want that.

I thought of getting you some lingerie and the latest digital handycam but no, not after what Edison Chen did is still fresh on everyone’s memory.

I love you dear.

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