Me: My aircond has conked out. The heat’s unbearable – I think I’ll check into a hotel.

The other person: Oh, how bout bunking in at my place?

The conversation never happened. Rather, the other person did not ask “Oh, how bout bunking in at my place?”

Disappointing huh?


How apt and meaningful to spell it this way – dis appointments.

Appointments that didn’t make it, that’s what the word means to me.

I’m sure, like me, you have your fair share of disappointments.

You get disappointed when you’ve created a masterpiece and the whole world heaps praises on you, but the one person whose compliments you treasure the most keeps silent.

You get disappointed when you’re afflicted with an ailment and the whole world shows concern except the one person who professes to love you most. (This person even was even sent a copy of your medical report.)

Yup the person who goes to the end of the world to find you Almas caviar – the most expensive caviar in the world – for your birthday remains silent when you are down with illness.

Some people say disappointments happen when your expectations are not fulfilled. Unfulfilled expectations happen when nobody knows what they are.

But surely you don’t go around pre empting your loved ones, telling them to show concern if you get sick, right?

Surely people can’t be that thick?

People with EQ should be on “auto pilot” and know what to do when their loved ones get sick.

What’s the point of going to the ends of the world to search for exquisite gifts for people on their birthdays when you don’t even know how to show concern when they are not well?

An act like that kind of negates everything else good you’ve done in the past.

It’s getting things right that matters. It’s the same with parenting – while kids may love the latest toys very often all they want is for their parents to spend more quality time with them, not throw them another PSP.

People must learn to get it right!

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