“Someone Died…Happens all Over the World.”

If this happened in Israel, this asshole would have been the target of Mossad hit squads.

On December 15 last year, a black Audi A6 was involved in two hit-and-run accidents in Bukit Panjang, one after the other.

One of them left Tong Kok Wai, a 30-year-old, newly-wed assistant manager at a hotel, so badly injured that he died on Christmas Day.

In the second crash, the Audi ran down two other pedestrians, Bong Hwee Haw, 24, and Muhammad Haris Abu Talib, 18. They survived the accident.

The car, found abandoned at Sungei Kadut, was later traced to the Romanian Embassy.

The embassy’s then-charge d’affaires, Silviu Ionescu, who claimed the car had been stolen, left Singapore on December 18 for home, where he said he needed medical treatment.

At an initial hearing last month, police said they had evidence that he was the driver of the car.

Ionescu, speaking to Romanian reporters back home, maintained that the car had been stolen and that he was not the driver at the time.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has since suspended its work contract with him, and therefore “cannot compel him to observe a certain line of conduct.” The ministry has dissociated itself from the statements he made after his suspension.

Speaking to The Straits Times last week, this ornery scumbag of a gypsy said that though it was “very tragic” it had been blown out of proportion.

He said: “Someone died. It’s not something solitary, but happens all over the world. There are bigger stories out there.”

This retard’s comments are extremely insensitive, callous and unbecoming of a human being, let alone a diplomat.

Ionescu was also asked about comments he had made to the Romanian media that he had been “set up” by the Singapore Government.

Yeah, the asshole blames just about everyone except himself.

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs called his comments “very serious allegations against the integrity of the Singapore Government” but dismissed them as baseless and not grounded in fact.

I say to Ionescu: “Be a man, come back and face the music, show us you have balls. If you are indeed innocent, there’s even more reason to come back. But get out of my way, because if I ever come face to face with you, I’ll knock your teeth out, you bastard!”

Well so some asshole has his teeth knocked out?  It’s not something solitary, but happens all over the world. There are bigger stories out there, right?

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