Hot and Bothered

Sunday Times writer Sandra Leong (no, that’s not her in the picture unfortunately) went in search for spicy food recently but the first couple of restaurants she tried disappointed her.

She then visited a restaurant in Seletar Airbase where the Buffalo wings there reportedly go up to Level 35 on the spiciness scale. Yes, 35. Leong was told by a waiter that Level 35 “is no longer available to diners” but “using the power of the press” – whatever that means – she bugged owner Jerry Griffis until he succumbed to making them.

“These wings, smeared with a layer of chilli paste, look like death and taste like it, too,” she wrote, “I have to pause after every bite, chugging water in a bid to relieve the burn that spreads from my throat to my ears, nostrils and stomach.”

Driving home, Leong started experiencing a blinding pain in her stomach and had to stop at a petrol station to use the washroom. Later at home, her sister foud me curled up on the toilet floor, wailing like a baby and drenched in cold sweat. In her chill-induced stupor, she even fell over and sprained her foot.

Her family took her to the A & E department of the nearest hospital, where a bemused doctor gave her a shot of morphine. The pain eventually settled.

Some retards are stupid.

Some are beyond stupid.

I’m equally stupid – I paid 90 cents of my hard-earned money to read such crap.

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