Don’t Blow in Public Puleese!

Have you ever experienced this?

You are in a nice restaurant, enjoying a quiet meal with a loved one and then suddenly PARNG!!! – an auditory assault from a nearby table.

What happened?

Some retard has just blown his or her nose.

The super loud snort reverberates in the environment and ruins the ambience.

I mean the duck comfit it nothing; it’s the ambience I’m paying for.

Some people think it is their birthright to blow their frigging noses anywhere and anytime they want.

I know of many who would not hesitate to take out a tissue and snort loudly into it like a hippo from the Congo – or worse, like a foghorn – while talking to me or eating with me.

I was taught never to do this – you might as well fart loudly in the presence of people.

You might as well defecate in public, for Pete’s sake.

In fact, in Korea, it is considered extremely rude to blow your nose in the presence of people.

Geddit, hippo?

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