Blind Leading the Blind

"Now, here's how you should dress."

Lee Wei Ling, daughter of Lee Kuan Yew and director of the National Neuroscience Institute, has been writing in The Sunday Times lately. In March 7, she wrote:

“I choose clothes for their comfort and relatively low price. I do care a little how I look, but only insofar as my patients do not find my attire offensive.

“Recently, I have resumed accompanying my father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, on his travels abroad, after a gap of 15 years. On these occasions, I try to meet conventional codes of dress, what foreign dignitaries would expect of a member of the Minister Mentor’s delegation.

“My sister-in-law Ho Ching and some of my friends, believing I need help, decided to assume the duties that once belonged to my mother: Dress the reluctant dresser.”

Ho Ching dispensing fashion advice?

Good heavens!

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