Wife No Enough?

I still think the whole Jack Neo saga, coming in the wake of the exposé on Tiger Woods’ philandering is a little fishy; could be a publicity stunt for all you know.

What? Superbeng Jack Neo linked to 10 women?

The intense drama put up by Neo at yesterday’s press conference surely qualifies him as a nominee for a Golden Horse award. All that crying, fainting and screaming was, like most of his movies,  a little over the top.

Anyway I think a letter to TODAY published on March 3, written by one Tia Traazil, provides an interesting perspective.

She wrote:

“Why are we still surprised to hear about Jack Neo’s or Tiger Wood’s affairs?

“When a married man woos a woman, the woman has a choice to say yes, I am willing, or no thank you, you are married. We need to take responsibility for our actions – it is always our choice.”

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