Rimowa Salsa Air

I used to carry Zero Halliburton bags but they weigh a ton, the locks are problematic – once, when I was in Chicago, I had to hire a locksmith to open my Zero – and they made me look like an international drug courier. Their lightweight cases, introduced several years later, are not impressive.

Enters Rimowa from Germany.

A company that has lasted over 50 years in the luggage industry, Rimowa first became popular back in the 1950s, when the major shift from land travel to air travel was made. Rimowa was known for its lightweight aluminum styles that allowed passengers to pack and carry their belongings in a sturdy case that would not break during the flight. Today, Rimowa’s Salsa luggage collection is one of the finest you will ever find on the market. It follows the traditional Rimowa style yet adds its own little flair on top.

Rimowa is definitely known for its lightweight luggage. The Rimowa Salsa line is no exception. While the average suitcase weighs up to around 16 pounds (some even higher), even the largest Salsa luggage weighs a mere 10.5 pounds. You can expect that the smaller 22-inch cases made for carry-ons will weigh much less. Although they keep a low weight, the Salsa bags also happen to keep a high standard of durability. They are designed so that they are flexible for packing, yet virtually indestructible at the same time. That’s because Rimowa combined the soft-side luggage, which is flexible, with the hard-side luggage, which is stable. You can see the Salsa luggage as a middle ground.

The Rimowa Salsa series also takes care of security pretty well. The locking system in each bag is quite interesting. Salsa bags come with standard TSA locks that are embedded into the structure of the bag in case anyone tries to break it. These locks are combination locks that subsequently lock up the zippers. After all, what good is a lock if the zippers aren’t even touched? Rimowa has certainly taken security into consideration as there’s almost nothing left vulnerable.

A third great feature is the ease of navigation with the Rimowa Salsa luggage. There are four wheels at the bottom of the case. All four allow a complete 360-degree turn, as they are ball-bearing wheels. These guys act exactly like the wheels on the bottom of most office chairs, but roll even smoother than a trackball mouse. It might even look like the bag will fall over the first time you try, but the bag is sturdy enough so that it won’t.

If you’re looking for luggage that looks heavy, but isn’t, that might look easy to break into, but isn’t, and that might look difficult to move, but isn’t, check out the Rimowa Salsa collection. It’s bound to let you pack everything you want and keep it in the case until your destination. Although it is a bit pricey, it’s much worth the cost as it will last a lifetime and then some, and probably won’t have any problems along the way.

While the Salsa line has been a mainstay of the brand’s roster for some time, the Salsa Air now looks to cut weight even more by procuring an up to 26% weight reduction with the same familiar Rimowa penchant for quality and robustness. The Salsa Air line preserves many of its key points of design including the smooth-rolling four wheel design.

My only quarrel with the Salsa Air range is the “weird” colors – see picture above.

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