Las Vacas

Freddy Azman Safahan and Yusof Dayan Iskandar are owners of Las Vacas at 23, Jalan SS5A/ 11, Kelana Jaya in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Las Vacas (“many cows” in Spanish) is not a restaurant but butchery. It’s butchery with a difference – you can eat your purchases there.

One of my Malaysian makan kakis Chai took me there recently. We started with beef wraps, then shared a huge burger and then each of us had a ribeye.  Finally we ended the meal by sharing a wagyu. Yeah we really ate to our hearts’ content.

Our ribeyes:

Mine after grilling:

And the wagyu we shared:

At Las Vacas, there are the steak cuts tenderloin, fillet, netted ribeye, ribeye, cube roll, striploin, sirloin, netted top sirloin and top sirloin tender which are superb for barbecues and grills. The regular cuts, topside, inside, silverside, outside, knuckle, chuck roll and blade are great for curries, stews, rendang, briyani. satay and other types of Asian cooking. You can also find also oxtail, tongue; chuck bone and ribs (for soups), liver, lung, tendon and minced meat.

Las Vacas also sells seafood, lamb and camel meat and turkeys during festive periods.

The butchery’s meats come from Australian bred cattle, which are 120-day grain fed in Kluang, Johor.

Most customers buy the meat home but you can also pick your steaks, and they’ll grill them for you to eat on the spot just as we did.

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