WARNING: This is No April Fools’ Joke

Eggheads are determined to take away my favorite breakfast.

The eggheads in our government are egging us to stop eating eggs.

The term “egghead” is an anti-intellectual epithet, directed at those considered too out-of-touch with ordinary people and too lacking in realism, common sense, etc on account of their lack of intellectual firepower.

Please read on:

Singapore consumes about four million eggs a day and more than three-quarters of eggs are imported from Malaysia.

Singapore’s local farms supply only 23 per cent of the total egg consumption.

Senior Minister of State for National Development Grace Fu explains why it makes sense to try different types of eggs.

Fu said these alternatives to shell eggs could mitigate sudden supply disruptions.

She said “It is important for us to have resilience in our food supply. If we over-rely on a single source for eggs, we will be vulnerable to outbreak of diseases. We want to create alternatives so that we have many supplies that could help us build up our food resilience.”

The AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) is pushing out a public education program to create greater awareness of liquid and powdered eggs as alternatives to shell eggs.

It roped in a “famous” chef Pung Lu Tin – whom nobody has heard off – to cook up creative dishes to show that liquid and powdered eggs taste just as good as shell eggs.

Do I have a solution to crack this egg problem?

No, I don’t.

I’m only the village idiot.

But I do expect our highly intelligent and highly paid ministers and government officials who earn obscene amount of money to come up with better suggestions than to tell us to eat liquid or powdered eggs.

By the way, I’m assuming that Grace Fu and all our government ministers and all civil servants are now all happily consuming liquid and powdered eggs at home. I’m assuming that ours is a government that walks the talk.

I’m also assuming that they are all eating frozen meat as they once exhorted us to do.

Remember back in school when you learned to remember the spelling of “assume” by some teacher saying “Don’t assume, you’ll make an ass out of u and me”?

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