Know When to Shut Up

Shut up!!!

I was at Holland & Barrett, Vivo City, in the evening of March 16 when I was so irrigated by a member of the staff working there.

This fat Chinese girl was so “in your face” – she wouldn’t stop talking, wouldn’t leave me alone. She talked incessantly and even when I told her to back off, that I would approach her if I needed help, she went on and on and on and on.

The moment I entered the store until I left, she literally followed me and for every item I looked at, she would launch into a spiel – she followed me round the tiny store and talked and talked and talked and talked.

I had wanted to go in and buy some stuff for someone, but I was so put off I walked out.

I don’t think she deserves my business.

Good customer service is not about talking your customer to death.

It is also knowing when to shut the fuck up.

Holland & Barrett’s tagline may be “Come for the Price, Stay for the Advice!” but please spare me the advice, I don’t need unsolicited advice.

I probably know more about vitamins and health supplements than that fat Chinese girl.

In fact, what I forget is probably more than what she remembers.

Thank goodness Holland & Barrett hires a lot of very competent staff from the Philippines – they are far better than the locals.  Joy from 313@somerset is a fantastic example.

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