For Frustration, Try Calling Your Bank

The Citi never sleeps?

What a frigging joke!

On March 17 evening, I phoned Citibank to ask some questions about my account and when I finally ended the call I’ve come to the conclusion that all banks in Singapore suck big time, with Citibank probably leading the pack.

I probably have accounts with every bank – from HSBC to DBS to UOB – and they all suck. Next to Citibank, HSBC is probably the second shittiest.

If a Premier customer like should feel that way, imagine how regular customers feel.

My relationship with these banks go back at least 25 years, yet I think they suck.


Oh, don’t get me started.

In fact, if you have nothing to do and want to experience frustration – just try calling your bank.

You’re be lucky if you get to speak to a real human being.

After many frustrating minutes, I finally reached a real live human being.

On March 17, it was a retard from Citibank with zero common sense and who possesses horrendous telephone manners who answered the phone and ended up exasperating – not helping – me.

Do banks even bother to find out what it is that customers want, what expectations customers have and how best to meet the needs of their customers?

The Citi never sleeps?

Not only the Citi slept, it screwed up big time.

Big, big time.

Because I’ve decided to cancel all my accounts with Citibank.

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