Grossed Out

蠟 鴨 or wax duck is a Chinese delicacy and is sold with Chinese sausages and other preserved meats. The term is a misnomer because there is no wax involved, instead, the ducks and the sausages, etc are air-dried and it is said that the cold north winds from China are the best for such a purpose. Wax ducks and sausages have a shiny, waxy-looking gloss, hence the name.

Here’s a picture of wax ducks being sold:

Recently Xuanzi brought back something from Hunan, China, that looks like this:

I looked at the label closely:

It said “wax puppy.” When I turned it over, I could see the pup’s head bent downwards! Eeeewwwww! I’ve eaten some very weird things in my life, but I’ll stop at this.

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