Do You Know Me?

Do you know me?

The color of my eyes
The mole on my left cheek
The birthmark at the back of my neck
The real shade of my hair

The weakness in my knees
Why I suffer aches and pains
The scar on my right wrist
How I got it from a ceiling fan

Do you know me?

Why I hurt so much
Why I’m always so irritable
Why I harbor a death wish
Why I’m the way I am

My favorite color
My favorite time of day
My favorite aftershave
My favorite flower

Do you know me?

Why I love mountains
My favorite movies
My favorite authors
What music I like

Why I collect funny stuff
Or acquire strange collectibles
What my guilty pleasures are
What I like to drink

Do you know me?

Why I love autumn colors
And snow when it falls
Why I find dreary winters soothing
Why I’d rather freeze in the cold than melt in the heat

Do you know my disappointments
My bitterness
Why I’m such a cynic
Why I’m always suspicious

Do you know me?

Why that faraway look
Why that thousand-yard stare
What runs through my mind
Why I feel like a hundred sometimes

What tugs at my heart
When I look up at the sky
Do you know me?
Or do you think you do?

And will you miss me and think of me
Long after I am gone?

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