Pleasant Peasant Food

In Singapore there’s kway chap:

but in Johor Bahru there’s kway teow kia:

The difference is that with kway chap you get a bowl of wafer-thin squarish rice sheets whereas with kway teow kia, the same thing is sliced thinner – like kway teow, in this case thinner kway teow.

Both are served in a delicious soy-based broth.

You can’t find kway teow kia in Singapore though – only in JB. You can easily find a stall at any kopi tiam there. The picture above is a shot of a bowl of kway teow kia from a stall inside a kopi tiam in the Pelangi area of JB.

And to go with the kway teow kia, there are simple dishes of braised pork slices and pig innards:

Pork slices, pig skin, pig lung, pig stomach and intestine.

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