iPadicitis – First Mover’s Disadvantage

This will own you!

Some people will do anything to attract attention – including being the arm candy of matsalleh boyfriends, being the first to own the iPhone, the iPod, the Kindle and now of course the iPad.

They consider themselves “early adopters” but I think of them as first class suckers.

These are pathetic souls who should get a life.

They forget that whatever they own owns them.

Well, I suppose if you take a piece of dog shit and name it “iTurd” idiots will immediately stand in line overnight to buy it.

Back in my time, there was never a need to have a phone at arm’s length, much less a phone with a built-in camera which you keep in your pocket and leave on 24/7.

Back in my time, there was never a need to have a portable music player on your body, hence we had some of the best sound-systems in the world – remember those vacuum tubes?

Back in my time, there was never a need to read books on some stupid electronic screen – and miss the joy of the smell and heft of books and the tactile relationship we enjoy with our trusty tomes, turning their pages, underlining texts, etc.  Sure, when reading an e-book on the the iPad, the page “curls just like a page on a real book” but that’s pathetic, like eating gluten and convincing yourself you are eating meat.

Back in my time, there was never a time for such silly gadgetry which seems to define you more if you have more of such toys.

I can never understand those retards who stand in line just to be the first to buy one of those gadgets. I can never understand those retards who use all ways and means to own one of these – including getting friends to airfreight them from the US – just to be able to show off, to tell the world they’ve got something very few people have yet. I can never understand those retards who jump through hoops of fire just to use their Kindles like using their Amazon account online and then downloading Kindle books to their PCs and then uploading them via cables to their Kindles. They either have lots of time to spare or they do this during office hours.

They probably believe that “he who dies with the most toys wins.”

Boy do I have news for you. Well, let me give it to you straight from the shoulder, these morons are losers from day one.

The first person to own the first iteration of anything usually pays a higher price, buys the gadget complete with bugs and all and is basically volunteering as a guinea pig of companies like Apple and others who are so keen to exploit their gullibility. These poor souls must have had very deprived childhoods indeed. By being the first in line to own something new, they also become guinea pigs for smarter people like us, who are willing to wait.

What next? 3D TVs, 3D laptops, 3D everything?

There’s more to life than frigging gadgets.

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