The Flat White

It is stronger than a latte, less frothy than a cappuccino and is one of my favorite coffees.

The flat white – “flattie” to aficionados.

Originating from New Zealand, a flat white is a coffee beverage prepared by pouring heated full-fat milk over a double shot of espresso.

In the UK, demand for the flat white, which arrived in the UK about ten years ago, has grown so fast that it has already supplanted the cappuccino in London’s independent coffee bars.

It is said that the secret of the flat white lay in the quality of the beans used for the double-shot espresso base and the “texturing” of the milk.

When you heat milk you get different layers. Further down you get the most silky, textured milk. You use that, not the froth on top.

Indeed, this is the connoisseur’s coffee – not to be confused with the Spanish Cafe con Leche, which uses Spanish roast and is served with sugar.

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