Leather-bound Cricket

I was just given a leather-bound Savinelli Cricket.

The launch of the Cricket range in the market is hailed as the return of a classic that was made in limited quantities back in the 70’s.

The beautiful pipe is covered in supple leather with hand-stitched seams, a smooth top of bowl with contrasting ring.

Savinelli was founded by Achille Savinelli, who started with a shop in 1876 at Orefici Street in Milan.

Carlo, who began the production of pipes with the Savinelli name, succeeded his father in the company. Eventually his son, Achille Jr, opened a factory at Molina di Barasso and was successful in marketing Savinelli pipes globally and in making Italian pipes the new standard in premium quality.

Giancarlo, great grandson of the founder, currently heads the company into a third century preserving the dedication to quality his forefathers worked so hard to build. The company is extremely proud of being able to continue the same hand-made processes that have made Savinelli pipes world famous.

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