Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Voilà suddenly some poseur who claims to be an ex-banker is now head of strategy for the financial services sector in a consulting practice.

Those of us who know know for a fact that his only experience with banking was being an intern with Chase Manhattan for a couple of weeks.

Sadly, the corporate landscape is littered with trash like that – crooks in suits, people who talk big, sell themselves well or rely on “godfathers” to get to the perch where they are today.

Another idiot I worked with on a project in East Asia – a worldclass asshole – is now regional head of strategy too for a French company.

Trust me, this retard knows zilch about strategy, ok.

Funny maybe all those poseurs out there think that corporate strategy offers a low risk entry point?

Honestly, if you don’t have the requisite training, and actual implementation experience, you just can’t pull it off no matter how polished your spiel may sound.

It’s amazing how so many crooks out there can just walk in to companies and hoodwink gullible CEOs into buying any damn thing.

Recently I heard that even someone from consumer services has been hired by some clueless retard of a chief executive to run culture change workshops, I kid you not.

Ok, ok, your Nobel Prize for Bullshitting is in the mail.

In yet another example a gorilla of a woman is head of consulting for her company.

Head of consulting? Come on, don’t make my toes laugh!

This woman has very little up there, such a job will prove to be too Promethean a task for her.

These retards have zero substance, complete lack of know-how and cannot deliver.

They may fool some people some of the time but not all people all the time.

Little do they know that like monkeys they perch on perilous branches. Fortunes rise and fortunes fall – those who go places due to crutches will fall flat on their faces when these crutches go.

Little do they know that it is a matter of time before they get exposed.

I’m old-fashioned – I get to where I am today because of honest work.

Maybe that’s why I’m not global head of strategy for FSS.

Maybe that’s why I’m not head of anything.

But I sleep well at night.

Unlike those great pretenders.

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