Never Look Away

With each novel Linwood Barclay comes out with, he moves further and further up the list of must-read thriller writers.

In Barclay’s latest book, David Harwood is a reporter for a low-rung local paper who is living a happy life with his wife, Jan, and son, Ethan. But things change suddenly when they make a day trip to a new amusement park. First, it seems Ethan has been taken, only to reappear. Then Jan disappears, never to be seen again. David is flustered beyond belief, and it doesn’t help that there is no evidence that Jan was even at the park. The police think David made up the whole story.

I won’t spoil the fun for you, but this is clearly Barclay’s best book – the twists and turns are more exciting than a ride on that Ferris wheel on the book cover.

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