Shameless Exploitation

One day after flash floods crippled part of Singapore, NTUC Income ran a full page ad in The Straits Times featuring this picture above.

The ad was strategically placed opposite page A10, the page featuring news about the floods.

The headline screamed “You can be sure of one thing with us – someone will pay for this.”

The rest of the ad plugged the company’s “greatness.”

Some people will say “Wah this is so smart of the company, taking advantage of an opportunity like that to sell a couple more policies and to buy some mindshare.”

Some, on the other hand, will say “Wah, what shameless exploitation!”

Yet there will be a third group who will say “Wah, what’s wrong with this company? Can’t they be more creative than this?”

As for me, what do I know?

I’m just a small town boy.

If this is what those comedians and ambulance chasers at NTUC Income need to get their dopamine squirts, so be it.

Whatever floats your boat, NTUC Income, whatever floats your boat.

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