How Do I Miss You if You Don’t Get Lost?

Recently someone who has spent half her working life in our organization resigned to work for another company.

She joined us after leaving school, this was her first job thus far. She has zero exposure to the rest of the (real) world.

She left at the height of her career with us – when she quit she was holding a key position in Asia Pac.

Her fans organized a lunch for her – 60 guests were invited. Imagine 60 guests!

This person was my boss at one time, but to be honest she didn’t do very much for me when I reported to her.

She was fair, but very superficial, and strictly by-the-book plus she was extremely kiasu. She did what was required of her job but you wouldn’t expect her to stick her neck out for you. No way.

I was invited for the lunch, and showed up only because it was the politically correct thing to do, but I left early. First, I’m no fan of hers – to give you indication of her character, let me relate to you what happened at the farewell.

I was asked by our HR to open two bottles of wine for the occasion. I did and walked to our diva and gave her the corks from the two reds, saying “Not sure if you are the sentimental type, but you may wish to keep these to remember this day.” She took the corks from my hand, threw them on the buffet table and said “I’m not sentimental” while strutting away, undoubtedly late for her coronation.

The second reason why I am not in favor of farewell parties is this – I think unless it’s retirement I believe it’s silly for people in an organization to celebrate a colleague’s departure, even if that colleague has spent more than 20 years there. I mean, someone’s leaving this circus for greener pastures, thumbing her nose at us, and leaving us with a shitload of crap and we celebrate?

What are we, retards or what?

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