Calling all Sea Urchins out there

If you're built like a sea urchin, you gotta be real careful how you move.

When someone invites you for a meal, isn’t it important to show appreciation, and look for something nice to comment about, instead of criticizing the food, assuming you have enough EQ to realize that when you criticize the food, you are indirectly criticizing your host?

Recently I met a friend for lunch twice and on both occasions my guest was extremely critical of the food. I recall that this same person used to do that in the past as well.

That really pissed me off because the establishments I patronize are never third rate places.

Perhaps my guest is just being so comfortable with me that all basic courtesies are ignored?

Maybe, maybe.

Still I think it’s important to know how to be a gracious guest.

One other thing – at the least of sounding like a broken record (or rather like a corrupted MP3 file, just to update that cliché) it is extremely bad form to talk about how great other restaurants are while you are someone’s guest.

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