Chivalry is Not Dead

Edmund Leighton’s Stitching the Standard.

A friend came across a letter in an article that according to her “totally explains why Twilight appeals to seemingly logical adult women.”


“I think a huge draw is that Edward is a romantic and he is chivalrous, which is almost nonexistent these days.”

“How many men pull out a woman’s chair, stand up when she leaves the table and when she comes back, or gives her his jacket because she is cold – even if he is cold too? Edward would put his body in front of a speeding car for Bella. He would throw himself onto a werewolf or vampire for her. He would turn himself in to the Volturi and cease to exist.”

“Bottom line: In this world where chivalry is practically dead, it lives within the pages of Twilight in the very romantic package of the handsome Edward Cullen, now brought to life by Robert Pattison. That very generation who recognizes this and is totally taken in with this idealized vision is … the adult female.”

The letter is an insult to all males.

The last time I pulled out a chair for a woman, she walked to the other side of the table and pulled a chair out for herself.

The last time I opened the door for a woman, she stared at me as though I was about to rape her. She looked as though she would rather have a clitoridectomy than to walk through that door.

The last time I rushed into a lift to press the door open button so that a woman can come in – this is the correct etiquette by the way – she gave me a look that said “Stupid old man, hasn’t he heard of ‘Ladies, first?’”

Today’s women want to drive but expect us to open the car door for them?

Chivalry is not dead. It’s just that many smart women have disappeared from the surface of the earth.

It’s just that many women are not lady enough or have enough brains to know how to respond to chivalry when it is shown.

And learning chivalry from a vampire is so uncool and pathetic. Imagine all those bloated premenopausal aunties with failed lives fawning over a teen actor. Do a role reversal and the men will be accused of being pedophiles!

It’s time these clueless women learn something from that lady in Edmund Leighton’s Stitching the Standard.

Have some class, girls, grow up, get a life and stop obsessing about vampire movies!

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