Flip – The Polaroids of Camcorders

Bought a Flip minoHD – the world’s sleekest HD camcorder – not long ago.

The iPod-looking Flip minoHD shoot-and-share camcorder gives me up to two hours of HD quality recording capacity, a bright two-inch transflective screen for no-glare viewing even in direct sunlight, and an HDMI jack for direct input to HD televisions with an HDMI cable.

The controls are ludicrously simple. Press the power button on the side, and the small, high resolution screen lights up. Press the big red button  to start recording; press it again to stop. Four seconds after taking it out of my pocket, I’m recording HD video.

It comes preloaded with FlipShare software which is installed directly on a PC or Mac the first time the device is plugged in.

Once loaded, I can easily edit, organize or make movies with music, and then share my videos by emailing friends and family, or publish videos directly to YouTube, MySpace or Facebook.

Charging is through a USB jack which pops out at the top.

What could be easier?

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