Act of Betrayal by Singapore Airlines?

Comedy Central?

On July 29, news broke that Singapore Airlines had inked a US$600,000/- deal in March to become the official international airline for the Australian swim team for the next three years.

SIA insisted that it was a purely business decision, never mind that Singapore’s own swimmers could do with some much needed support.

Indeed, the deal has raised a few eyebrows in the sports fraternity, with athletes and officials wondering why Singapore’s national carrier has chosen to back the swimmers from down under, when the Singapore Swimming Association is one of the most successful national sports associations in Singapore.

In fact, Singapore Swimming Association president Jeffrey Leow told the media that the association had explored a possible tie-up with SIA for the Fina/Arena Swim World Cup last year, but a deal never got off the ground.

The airline however, denied that any such thing has happened.

Nicholas Ionides, SIA’s vice-president of public affairs, told the media: “I am not aware of an approach last year by Singapore Swimming Association for sponsorship. We have also checked with several other departments and they have no recollection of such an approach either.”

Corporate arrogance I’ve heard of, but what do you call this?

Corporate stupidity? A corporation without EQ? Corporate cluelessness?

Beats me.

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