The Clowns at HDB & URA

Can you guess if I'm from HDB or URA?

I’m considering being a stand-up comic after I’ve retired from my present job but I think it’s going to be difficult.

The marketplace is way too crowded.

The latest entrants – those clowns at Housing Development Board and Urban Renewal Authority.

The comedians at these two organizations have decided to raise overnight parking charges at HDB estates in order to alleviate parking problems.

The background: Most carparks there have lots exclusively reserved for season ticket holders who must be residents of that estate. However the number of season ticket holders always exceed the number of such lots. When this happens, season ticket holders park at the regular lots, something that they are allowed to do.

The problem occurs at night when all lots are taken – both the season parking lots as well as the regular lots.

This is because for S$2/-, people can park their cars overnight at the regular lots.

So to solve the problem HDB and URA intend to increase overnight parking charges to S$4/- a night. This is to deter non residents from parking overnight at the regular lots in the hope of freeing up such lots for season ticket holders.

Will this solve the problem?

If a car needs to be parked, a car needs to be parked.

Press reports also stated that some residents choose to use night parking tickets instead of season parking tickets to save money.

However, increasing night parking rates does not free up spaces, but merely forces residents to buy season parking tickets.

The problem is not solved.

Did the COE scheme reduce the number of cars?

Did charging motorists for driving into the central business district ease traffic congestion?

In the end the COE scheme and the ERP system have simply been reduced to means of revenue collection.

Where are those overpaid geniuses in our government when we need them?

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