Give our Kids their Childhood please!

A recent ad in the press caught my eye.

It said “Is your child…

able to decode a word by sounding it out?

able to identify words quickly and successfully?

able to write a simple story?

able to comprehend simple passages?”

The ad then went to say that “P1 Preparatory Class” is a 3-month intensive program for children aged 6 years, aimed to prepare them before the challenges of primary one.

In this program, according to the ad, your child will master basic grammar, learn how to write a simple story, acquire a wide range of vocabulary, use the techniques of reading effectively and comprehend short passages.

What on earth are these people try to do? Hothouse our kids to produce a monster race? Capitalizing on the fears of parents who are afraid that their kids will be losers in life?

Come on, let’s give our kids their childhood!

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