What to Do when your Email is Not Replied to

Ten years with the same organization and I continue to be irked by the sloppy email habits of some colleagues.

I hate it when I send an email and nothing comes back.

I hate it when my email is lost in a black hole – cyberspace.

In the past I would send reminders.

I would phone the recipient.

Reminders didn’t always work.

Phone calls might not be answered and voicemail boxes could be full.

Then I would call the recipient’s boss.

It’s a lot of unnecessary, extra work.


Now I create a Shit List.

When those same retards email me, my email program automatically directs their emails into a folder called Shit List.

I then empty that folder without reading the emails inside.

Inevitably I’ll get an angry phone call from one of those retards.

Retard (shouting): Hey, did you get my email?!

Me: Who’s this?

Retard: So-and-so here!

Me: (pretending not to know who he is), So-and-so who?

Retard: Come on, you know me, I’m the head of blah blah blah.

Me: Oh, that one. Yeah? Wassup?

Retard: I sent you an email – why didn’t you reply?

Me: Oh, sorry about that, I’m still waiting for you to reply to an email I sent you two years ago. I thought you’ve died.


I am happy to report that I do have a bit of success with that approach although I won’t go round recommending it to everyone.

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