Beware of Headhunters

Don't shake that hand.

All my working life, I’ve probably met only one headhunter who’s a real pro. Most of the others are scumbags.

Some would phone you and dangle faux carrots at you and ask for your CV – “I have a job for you! I have a job for you!” – just so they have enough CVs to flaunt in front of companies they’ve conned into using them.

One outplacement consultant even promised me a big cut if I could coach him on how to run some workshops.  He has zero capability to run workshops but has hoodwinked a company to engage him.

Of course it all came to naught – when they need you these motherfuckers know how to come out of the woodworks to get your help, then they quickly disappear into the shitholes they’ve crawled out from and you never hear about them again, till they need you the next time around.

If you’ve made use of me once, shame on you but if you think I’ll allow myself to be deceived by you a second time, then shame on me.

Maybe because it takes very little to enter into this so-called “business” of headhunting and outplacement, the field attracts all kinds of retards.

Once when a friend was facing the imminent death of someone dear and was thus a little disoriented and distracted, a headhunter – and his client – accused him of not having EQ.

The next time one of them calls you, do check them out properly.

Or they’ll end up wasting your precious time.

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