Aussie Spoken Here

Roo (that's kangaroo) steak, anyone?

Who speaks perfect English? Not the Australians!

The Uni of Tassie (that’s the University of Tasmania) is commissioning a research to find out why Aussies like to shorten words.

Barbecue is barbie, afternoon is arvo, relatives is rellies, tradesmen is tradies, firemen are firies, ambulance attendants are ambos, service stations are servos, mobile phones is mobes, laptop is lappy and ballpoint is biro.

Dr Nenagh Kemp thinks that the Australian national habit of shortening words is a way of conveying a sense of informality in a country known for its egalitarian ethos.

Well, the jury’s still out.

But whatever it is, the Aussies are not attempting to change the way English is used in their country.

After all, most people understand it anyway.

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