Another Liar Exposed

I was once seconded to lead my company’s internal think tank.

This was an Asia Pac role.

Not long later we acquired a consulting firm.

One of the partners in that firm has stated in her CV on LinkedIn that she started that think tank in Asia Pac.

Now how’s that possible? That’s one insult too far.

How could she start something that I was already heading before she came on board?

Seems like lots of people pad their CVs.

Seems like lots of people ride on others’ coat tails and steal others’ thunder.



You know who you are.

If you can lie about this, you can lie about anything.

You must have suck lots of cocks to get to where you are today.

But to me, you’re just another persona non grata.

By stealing someone else’s thunder, you’ve destroyed – in one fell swoop – your credibility and everything that you spent your life building.

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