Farewell, Uncle Leong

When Jeff phoned me to tell me that Ignatius Leong has passed away on September 12th I was in Manila.

I couldn’t go to the wake or the funeral. And I was saddened by it.

Ignatius – often referred to as “Uncle Leong” by his colleagues – worked with me some years back.

Once, on a company trip, we even shared a hotel room together.

A veteran in the industry, Ignatius was a fount of knowledge; not only that, not one to mince words, he was a straight talker. And he was very witty.

When one of our bosses told everyone that he was taking a break from the company, Ignatius simply said “the bastard was fired.” He couldn’t have put it more succinctly.

Ignatius was 73 when he went home to the bosom of Abraham. He has been retired for a number of years.

I will miss you, Uncle Leong, may you rest in peace.

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