Where are You?

When I was a kid you were everywhere.

I looked for you in the shrubs at my school.

I would try to catch you and hold you by squeezing your thorax between my thumb and index finger.

You would deliver a strong kick using one of your hind legs.

Distracted, I would let go and you would fly off.

I could never hang on to you for long.

Where are you and your friends now?

I’ve not seen you or one of your friends for a long time now.

Do you know that each time I pass by a shrub I would look for you?

But I could never find you.

Have you been roasted and eaten as snacks like they do in Thailand to you and your friends?

Have they canned you and sell you off as novelties?

Did urbanization wipe you out?

I hope to see you one day again.

And introduce you to my children and my grand kids.

(Thanks, Keh Whoo for the nice picture above.)

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