Aftershock is a heart-rending film about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and how a mother had to make the difficult decision as to decide which child to save. It is one of the better China-made films of modern times. Thanks, Charles, for recommending me to the movie. (It’s a lot better than Portuguese lobster.)

Aftershock topped a list of 31 films from 15 countries nominated for the fourth annual 2010 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

It is the highest grossing domestic film of all time in China, and on October 18 received a record six nominations including for top prize, Best Feature Film, etc, according to the Academy of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

It allows viewers to appreciate the acting of Zhang Jingchu:

The first time I chanced upon her was when she acted as a ditzy village bimbo in Peacock:

I saw her again in Seven Swords, Rush Hour 3 and also Red River:

This is her – that ponytail again –  in Aftershock:

She’s a delight to watch and I’m sure many, like me, would love to to see more of her:

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