I, Me and Myself


She doesn't know that this tastes better when shared.


When my kids traveled with me, they were always asking if they could buy stuff for their friends.

My daughter, for example, when she was younger, would ask “Daddy, look at these – can I buy some for my friends?” referring to some wrist bands or hair pins, etc.

They hardly buy stuff for themselves.

This has carried over in their adult lives – now, when my kids travel, they buy back loads of stuff for other people.

In the beginning I used to wonder why but I slowly got to realize that how I was brought up has kinda rub off on them.

I’ve always been told to share, that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

I was brought up that way.

It wasn’t until when I was quite old then I started being nice to myself. I started acquiring toys, for example.

Toys mainly in the form of the latest gadgets, the latest cell phone, etc.

Because of this I can never understand those idiots who watch a movie by themselves, who go to concerts by themselves, who cook a big pot of something to eat all by themselves, those who bake a cake just to give themselves a treat, those who buy a bunch of lobsters, for example, and haul the priced crustaceans home to cook and to stuff their faces with – all by themselves.

I have a cousin who would cook a big pot of pork rib soup or something or other and eat it all by himself.

I have also heard an aunt talking about some of her daughters – they would cook up some really delicious dishes and stuff their own faces with these delicacies, not sharing anything with anyone else.

Rightly or wrongly I think such people are so self-centered, so self-absorbed, so self-indulgent, so inward-directed, that I find them utterly obnoxious. It makes me wonder if these retards, these “I-don’t need-anyone-else” sub-human species of stegosaurian lardbutts, can even relate with the rest of the world, and if they do something for you, is it a calculated, schemed, manipulative, conditional move? Should I be wary of them when they start giving me gifts or doing me favors? I bet they are keeping score. I don’t. I don’t remember what I have given to people.

I will never cook a big pot of something and stuff my face with it.

Or open a bottle of wine and sip all by myself.

I rather eat with friends.

Sometimes when there’s no one to eat with, I’ll even skip a meal.

But everyone’s different.

You are different from me.

And I’m different from you.

And this is my opinion.

You don’t have to agree.

May be it’s because they don’t have any friends but many take delight in giving themselves a good time – just I, me and myself.

Some even blog about it. The blogosphere is full of blogs by shameless douche bags who talk about nothing but the wines they’ve quaffed, they meals they’ve force-fed themselves, even the men whose dicks they have sucked.

There’s this girl whose “blog” consists of nothing but pictures and captions – wines she has tried, food she has sampled, spas she has visited, shoes she has bought, places she has visited, her latest boy friend, etc. She even takes pains to mention their professions – this one’s a banker, that one’s a lawyer, this other one’s a doctor, ad nauseam.

The way she did it was not to share info or to maintain a web log, but to flaunt, to gloat, to goad and to announce “Hey, you poor, miserable, unfortunates out there, look how much better I am compared to you losers. Look who I’ve been fucking, look’s who’s been eating my smelly va-jay-jay.”

These people are so pathetic.

They should get a life!

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