What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What do you see here?

If you’re corrupted, you’ll see dicks, penises, and all kinds of shit on the National water polo players’ swimming trunks.

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the Singapore water polo team did not seek its advice when they sported swimming trunks bearing elements of the Singapore flag.

It said their design is inappropriate, as elements of the flag must be treated with dignity.

Hmm, so the the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts is into swimming trunk design now huh?

The water polo team was wearing trunks which feature the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

MICA also said it has spoken with the Singapore Sports Council and was informed the team is apologetic and had meant no disrespect.

Come on, I don’t think the team meant the design as an act of mischief or anything like that, so let it go lah.

Puleese there are other things the authorities should worry about.

Get a life, those of you who think that the trunks are inappropriate!

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