Hon, here's the dinner I tickled.

The New South Wales trout season opened first week October.

I couldn’t make it this time.

The next time I go, I’m gonna try trout-tickling.

It is a technique once described by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night and was popular with poachers because you don’t need any (incriminating) equipment.

This is how it works: Just creep close enough to some trout, and gently rub the belly of one near to you. It will soon go into a state of stupor at which point you simple scoop it up.

However, since it’s banned in NSW, I’ll probably have to put the trout into one of my pockets, which may be a dead giveaway.

“Hello is that a trout in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” I can almost imagine Sheila asking.

Tasmania has also banned it so if anyone wants to try trout-tickling, he’ll have go to Victoria where it’s legal.

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