My arm ain't going into that mouth!

Trout-tickling is all about stealth and finesse, but other methods of fishing can be brutal.

In the US’s deep south, there’s this redneck sport called “noodling.”

Here’s how you do it: You jump into muddy rivers, then, holding your breathe, dive to the bottom and grope around in the hole where flathead catfish – which can grow to 100 pounds or 50kg – make their nests and wait for one of them to swallow one of your arms.

You make sure the catfish swallows your arm up to the elbow then you yank the fish out of the water.

Bloodied, scarred arms are a badge of pride.

Well, I did say it’s a redneck sport.

Can’t try it with those giant catfish in the Mekong, I don’t think.

This one (see picture below) was caught on May 1 2010 in northern Thailand. It is nine feet long (2.7 meters) and weighs 646 pounds (293 kilograms).

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