Ye shall Eat the Fat of the Land!

The char kway teow fella near my place now uses vegetable oil.

Along with that gone are those delicious bits of pork rinds.

He said “garment” says “pig oil is bad.”

The government says pig oil is bad?

But this is a misguided message.

Saturated fats are not only super delicious, but also beneficial to health in many ways.

Man has always consume saturated fats – there’s pork lard in China, butter in Europe, goose fat in France, ghee in India, coconut and palm oil in the tropics and yak butter in Tibet.

And heart disease, cancer, etc were rare until the last century. In fact, the rates of heart disease, cancer, obesity and other degenerative disease skyrocketed only during the last few decades when consumption of saturated fats went down.

Hey people, it’s the trans fat that will kill us!

Don’t believe me?

Do some research online.

Or check out The Weston A Price Foundation!

In the meantime, don’t just fall victim to the herd instinct.

Don’t condemn the lard.

Praise the Lord – er, I mean, praise the lard!

That’s what makes dishes like char kway teow delicious!

And that’s what’ll makes you live longer!

Let me repeat – it’s the trans fat that will kill you!

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