Ass Luck

I have ass luck when it comes to waiting for people.

Especially service people.

For example, I recently took a day off to wait for the technician to show up to fix my Sound Bar.

He promised to make it in the morning.

Well, I waited all morning – no sign of the retard.

Eventually when contacted, he said “Oh no, cannot, four or five lah.”

4 or 5pm.

He eventually showed up at 5:10pm.

And I sat at home all day scratching my balls raw waiting for him to show up.

If some delivery guys say they’ll come from two to four – I can bet my last cent that they’ll show at 3:55.

Once I had to wait for the utilities guy to come set things up in my new place.

I waited all day.

Then, for the five minutes that I took to go to the loo to take a leak, he showed up.


No response.


Even left a note consisting of a mini-lecture on how I should have kept the appointment and not make him show up when there was no intention of being around.


It’s the same with postal deliveries.

The day the 4noggins package arrived was the day when no one was home.

That week everyone was home every day of the week.

Except that day when the stupid package arrived.

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