Connemara Peated Single-Malt Irish Whiskey

My Irish buddy Alec Molloy gave me a bottle of Connemara Peated Single-Malt Irish Whiskey recently.


Yup, Connemara, and it’s not a Hokkien bad word exhorting you to copulate with your mother.

(This is for those who think that cunnilingus is an Irish airline.)

And this is no Jameson either.

Connemara, in the western shores of Ireland, is a region of rugged natural beauty.

In the 18th and 19th centuries distillers in this area produced distinctively flavored whiskeys from malted barley kilned over peat fires.

Connemara Peated Single-Malt revives that age-old tradition and heritage.

The taste of this strong (58.6% proof) whiskey is smooth, complex and balanced between the clean malt and powerful peat.

The bouquet evokes the aroma of the sea breezes and peat fires of Connemara.

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