Ang Pow Fund? Stop the Nonsense!

This time of the year I usually receive a letter from the clubs I belong to to contribute to a ang pow fund. “The amount collected will be distributed to the staff to show your appreciation for the services they have rendered over the past year.”

The management committees of the various clubs even have the audacity to propose an amount – ranging from 15 bucks to as much as 30 bucks or more – to be debited to my January 2011 Statement of Accounts.

I think this is daylight robbery.

When I get robbed it is usually by someone holding a knife hiding behind a mask.

Every time I eat at the F & B outlets of my clubs I already pay for service charge and all the relevant taxes.

Plus in Singapore, tipping is strictly discouraged.

Moreover, most of these clubs hire surly part time service staff who knows zilch about service.

So what is this?

This is simply a case of club management committees arm-twisting members, “outsourcing” what should have been the responsibility of these committees in the first place.

Some clubs are not even clubs in the strictest sense of the word – in reality, they are actually companies and are “clubs” in name only but when the time comes to pass the buck, when it suits their purposes, these clubs then behave as if members have a say in their running.

All of us who are club members should opt not to contribute to any stupid ang pow fund.

Occasionally I personally hand out ang pows during the Chinese new year period to service staff who have provided exceptional service; I also thank them in some other ways.

But I feel there is no need for clubs to institutionalize this.

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