Bad Drivers

"I'll kill you, you idiot!"

NOTE: If you think you’ve seen this post before, you are not wrong. I’m re-organizing the order of appearance of my posts, as a result, you’ll be seeing some old posts re-surfacing, but things should be “regularized” in due course. I ask for your forgiveness and your patience.

A traffic police poster says “You are how you drive.”

Isn’t that so true?

They say driving brings out the worst in people.

I know someone who can never drive without making a single negative remark about other drivers.

Everyone’s an idiot according to this person.

I cringe whenever I am in this person’s car.

I absorb all the venomous ranting and venting.

No wonder I’m dying a slow, painful death.

Driving brings out the worst in people indeed.

Interestingly enough, the same person who might show you his middle finger while ensconced in his car would almost certainly never do the same while passing you on a sidewalk.

The keyword is “ensconced” – when people are in that situation, they seem insulated from the real world, so they curse, they swear, they pick their noses, they squeeze their pimples, they remove hair from their nostrils, etc and of course they make nasty comments about other drivers and call other drivers “motherfuckers.”

They will never do that to another person in another situation.

For example, when walking on the road, if such a person is behind someone who’s walking way too slowly, he would never call that person a retard to that person’s face, right?

But it’s a different story when he’s ensconced in the privacy of his car.

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