Cheap Charlie

NOTE: If you think you’ve seen this post before, you are not wrong. I’m re-organizing the order of appearance of my posts, as a result, you’ll be seeing some old posts re-surfacing, but things should be “regularized” in due course. I ask for your forgiveness and your patience.

Had to share a hotel room with somebody once.

First thing he did was to take the “Do not disturb” sign off the door knob and kept it in his bag.

“Bringing it home for souvenir,” he declared, before taking the breakfast menu as well.

Long story short, at the end of our stay, he has taken everything that could be taken – tea bags, sachets of sugar, shower caps, small bottles of shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner, combs, emery boards, sewing kits, tooth brushes, stationery like envelopes and pencils, laundry bags, matches, bottles of mineral water, the room service menu, ash trays, shaving razors, rolls of toilet paper, the Gideon Bible, cork screws, shoe polishing sponges, a bath robe, a soap dish, cotton buds, teaspoons, sanitary napkin disposal bags, magazines in the room, even those disposable slippers; the whole nine yards.

By the way this same person would take everything in the plane’s toilet as well as from the food tray – combs, tooth brushes, shaving kits, sachets of salt and pepper, teaspoons, butter, jam, toothpicks, biscuits, cheese, even the barf bags, yeah, the works.

Petty thievery or just plain greed or a sense of entitlement or just being cheapskate?

I don’t know.

Whatever you call it, I was very disturbed by it.

And I still feel very uncomfortable when I see people doing this.

If you ever share a room with me, please don’t let me see you do this.

I form very strong opinions about people who do such things.

Just as I form very strong opinions about those who put up Christmas trees at Christmas but would hang red banners during Chinese new year.

You can not serve both God and Mammon. – Matthew 6:19-21,24.

“Why the fuck you taking all that shit for?” I asked that guy who stripped the room of all amenities.

“Oh, for my mum,” came the reply.

Fucking mum is a karang guni or what?

Mum was here.

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