Those HR Idiots Again!

It was only late on December 30 2010 that my renewal contract for 2011 was ready for signing.

HR people should be less insensitive.

Unfortunately the majority of HR people I’ve dealt with are just emotionless, heartless robots pushing papers.

This is not the case with me – I am independently wealthy – but imagine some stressed and overworked loser with a family of dependants and a dog and three hamsters and an endangered tortoise and two sets of sick grandparents all with open mouths waiting to be fed and knowing for sure only on December 30 that he will have a job to go back to the following year.

Another example: a friend in Hong Kong had her renewal contract dumped on her desk on the last day of service.

Disgusted, she eventually quit.

Clearly she deserves more respect than that.

Christ, where did they go to get all those retards to work in HR?

And please don’t give me that shit about how thankful I should be that I have a job at my age.

Why shouldn’t I have a job at my age? I’m a talented person, a subject matter expert, a published author, an adjunct professor, a public speaker, yadda, yadda, yadda, an authority in my field, not some fucking, parasitic loser.

I don’t suck the blood of the filthy rich, or cling on to the coat-tails or some wannabes or eat the crumbs off the tables of anyone.

Every year I’m with this company I’ve surpassed all expectations in terms of results, hit more than my targets, contributed more than my fair share, brought in many times more money than that miserly salary they pay me every year and use my own money to fly business and first class. Countless times, I’ve put right many things that turned bad, salvaged situations that have turned disastrous due to the incompetence of the retards in my company, saved those clowns I report to from embarrassment and prevented the company from going under.

I am where I am and I am what I am today because of my brains and because I work hard and do impeccable work and strive for perfection. I am recognized by my peers and I am respected.

So don’t you tell me I’m lucky I have a job at my age.

You insult me when you tell me that.

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