Another Don Florian

NOTE: If you think you’ve seen this post before, you are not wrong. I’m re-organizing the order of appearance of my posts, as a result, you’ll be seeing some old posts re-surfacing, but things should be “regularized” in due course. I ask for your forgiveness and your patience.

Recently I got myself another L’anatra, two more Petersons and three more Don Florians.

This is one Don Florian I really like. See picture above.

Marvelous flame grain!

Don Florian pipes are carved by Italian lawyer Matteo Stefani.

He uses only “extra extra” grade briar plateaux, seasoned for at least five years, from Calabria and Corsica, taking only the external part of plateaux – the oldest and the hardest.

To carve his pipes he doesn’t use any rotative tools, but only rasp and grinding paper and for the finishing, only carnauba wax, no colors, no other waxes, nothing else.

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