What is Happiness?

Grace Park.

Bhutan has a Gross Happiness Index.

Here’s the Loh Happiness Index:

Happiness is:

  • looking at Grace Park.
  • spending time with Grace Park in a ryokan for a week.
  • pork lard bits in char kway teow.
  • my Sony VPCZ129GG, which I plonked over 5k for, just before Chinese New Year. (Yes, yet another new toy!)
  • fat, juicy, fresh and bloody cockles in satay bee hoon.
  • seeing those overpaid, under-worked bosses shitting bricks because they didn’t meet the numbers.
  • seeing my kids happy.
  • Ayam Betutu.
  • giant prawns at Jemadi.
  • making out in front of the fireplace.
  • hairy crab roe.
  • hairy crab roe spoon-fed to me by a pretty 17-year old virgin sitting naked in my lap. (Never happened, and unlikely to ever happen.)
  • when Rosalie is in town.
  • snacking on braised goose heads from that stall at Tekka market.
  • drinking a 1870 Château Lafite and telling the sommelier it sucks.
  • eating at Rockpool.
  • steaks at Peter Luger’s.
  • breakfast at Junior’s, New York City.
  • braised pork head skin.
  • being pampered by Thomas Keller.
  • dinner at El Bulli.
  • pissing Justin Quek off by asking him about his jail term.
  • a bonus of six months’ salary (never happened).
  • farts that are silent.
  • silent farts that stink.
  • when no one knows it was you who farted.
  • a pedicure by my wife Yin.
  • the milt in Rabbit fish.
  • truffles on scrambled eggs.
  • a good massage – preferably by one of my sweethearts.
  • fragrance from Yin’s Sunsilk.
  • diced duck with light soy sauce and ginger – cooked by mom.
  • Sakura chicken with sesame oil and ginger.
  • oysters at Sydney Cove oyster bar.
  • steamed fish.
  • gulai kikil.
  • the views from The Quay and Quay West apartments, Sydney.
  • Kopi Luwak.
  • Yin’s Ciara.
  • meals with Pearly.
  • coffee and conversations with Pearly.
  • golden sterlet caviar.
  • opening a parcel containing 20 tins of Nightcap.
  • when your soul mate stops taking swipes at your loved ones.
  • flying first class.
  • meeting little Amedeo for the first time.
  • brunch at Greenhouse, Ritz-Carlton.
  • not being on the receiving end of someone’s culinary experiments.
  • briyani at Geylang Serai.
  • wearing 500-buck shirts.
  • evenings with Brenda.
  • spending one day just listening to classical music.
  • when wives stop asking me where their husbands have gone to.

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