Four hours drive from Havana is Trinidad, a town in the province of Sancti Spíritus, central Cuba.

It is one of the best preserved cities in the Caribbean from the time when the sugar trade was the main industry in the region.

The older parts of town are well preserved for tourists to gawk at. In contrast, some parts of town outside the non-tourist areas are very run down and in disrepair.

Tour guides like to say Trinidad is a museum in itself. Those visiting will find very old Spanish colonial architecture, underscoring a colonial ambiance that marks the tiny city one of the Cuba’s greatest attractions. Only a few square blocks in size, historic Trinidad is famous for its lovely, cobblestone streets, pastel-colored houses with elaborate wrought-iron grills, as well as beautiful palaces and plazas. The city can be toured in a few hours, by foot or by horse-drawn carriage.

Some of my Trinidad pictures:

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