Dunhill Ruby Barked at Me

Went crazy in London – bought these two Dunhill Ruby Bark pipes (Group 5)  when I was there earlier this month.

The one at the bottom is commonly referred to as a “quaint” shape.

All Ruby Barks come with a handsome sterling silver band.

Ruby Barks disappeared from the scene for some time and made its re-appearance recently.

Reminds me of Dunhill tobacco – Dunhill tobacco all but disappeared in 2008, but re-emerged in late 2010, this time produced outside the UK.

They are now made in Denmark, under the aegis of Dunhill.

The following Dunhill tobacco were re-introduced:

My Mixture 965, Early Morning Pipe, Royal Yacht, Flake (previously known as Light Flake), Nightcap (in the USA), London Mixture, Standard Mixture and Standard Mixture Mellow.

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